As a consulting company, Bandacorp engages in; Research and Development, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Procurement of a broad spectrum of materials and components. Throughout the last decade Bandacorp has successfully brought home projects, on time and on budget, in a wide variety of disciplines as described by the Primary Purpose documented in our SEC Registration:

To engage in technology services, conduct and carry on the business of providing software solutions, restoring, reconditioning, altering, fabricating, installing, leasing, distributing, maintaining and/or marketing electronic machines, software, computer peripherals, devices, gadgets, articles, supplies, spare parts and accessories of every kind and description; to enter into all kinds of contract for exports, imports, purchase, acquisition, selling wholesale or retail, general contracting and sub-contracting, and disposition for its own account as principal or in representative capacity as manufactures representative, producers representative, merchandise broker, commission merchants or agents upon consignment of all kinds of goods or merchandise and/or products whether natural of artificial, tangible or intangible with material value.

Bandacorp continues to serve it customers, both internally and externally, with products and services across this same wide range of experience.

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