Floating Island
Floating islands have been around as house boats, barge homes and even large floating hotels. This floating island has some unique attributes like the Desert sand dune theme. There is a novel approach to construction that allows for assembly in remote place or in resort areas with out shipbuilding or dry dock services.
+ Performance
Special design considerations can be made for use as a home, private getaway, floating bar or just about where ever your imagination can take you. The size can be changed to accommodate your design.
+ Parts and Description
Power can be optionally supplied by an on board generator or if you have a fixed mooring near you shore facility a power line can be run along the bottom to the island.Food preparation can be set up for full service or simple heating. Waste management is important and the best option is to choose the on board processing equipment so there is no overboard discharge.
+ Operating Environment
A single point mooring is designed for the main ground tackle. Other mooring legs can be added to hold the island in place but are designed to break loose in a storm so the main mooring can do its designed function by allowing the island to turn its best side into the wind.
+ Appearance
The coolest feature of the floating island it it appearance. The intent is to have a natural look that would fit into the environment where it is used. Like the desert dune, beach oasis and even the rocky pine outcropping look can all lend to blend into what the shoreline represents.
+ Ergonomic
Comfort is an essential design consideration when planing a custom floating island.Why bother if it does not feel great and have that cool factor as well.

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